Sarson ka Saag: Food To Improve immunity and Ten Other Amazing Health Benefits

Sarson ka Saag: Food To Improve immunity and Ten Other Amazing Health Benefits

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Mustard Green is a winter-season dish. The overwhelmingly green vegetable known as “Sarson ka Saag,” a popular Punjabi delicacy, is consumed to help keep warm as the winter chill sets in. Aangan Restaurant in Footscray offers the best Indian food and especially mouth-watering and delicious Sarson ka Saag.
Not just for its flavor and taste but Sarson ka Saag is quite famous for the vital minerals and vitamins it contains. The nutrients in the Sarson Ka Saag strengthen your body’s immunity.

Making Sarson ka Saag requires a large number of green vegetables. Due to the mild bitterness of mustard greens on their own, palak, methi, and bathua are added to the Saag to balance the bitterness and give the dish a powerful nutritional boost. To make Saag, 500 grams of other green vegetables must be added for every kilogram of mustard greens. This is known as the 2:1 ratio. It is the ideal combination of foods that increase body warmth thanks to their thermodynamic properties, enhanced with spices, garlic, and ginger.


1. The powerhouse of nutrition: Sarson ka saag is a nutritious dish rich in phenols and flavonoids. It’s high in dietary fiber, protein, vitamin K, manganese, calcium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and various other nutrients. Aangan at Footscray offers Sarson Ka Saag high in nutrients.

2. Outstanding source of dietary fiber: Individuals who eat Sarson ka saag have a lower risk of digestive problems and colon cancer because it contains a high amount of fiber. It promotes regular bowel movements in the body. Because dietary fiber cleans the arteries, this leafy green maintains normal blood pressure levels, reducing the risk of hypertension or heart disease.

3. Vitamins A and C-rich: These two powerful antioxidants protect the body from oxidative stress caused by free radicals negatively impacting vital functions and tissues. Aangan is the best Indian restaurant in Footscray, and their dishes are rich in vitamins A and C.

4. Aids in the reduction of bad or LDL cholesterol: Sarson ka Saag aids the body in completing the bile binding process. It aids in the reduction of bad cholesterol in the body.

5. Body detoxification: This green vegetable meal contains antioxidants, which assist in natural detoxification by removing toxins and reducing them through defecation. It also aids in the neutralization of chemicals and heavy metals in the body.

6. Immune system booster: Sarson ka saag’s vitamin C content has immunity-boosting properties that protect the body from cellular damage, strengthen it from within, and delay the development of diseases such as cancer. It also protects against seasonal and viral infections such as the common cold and flu.

7. Phytochemical abundance: Sarson ka Saag is high in phytonutrients such as glucosinolates and phenols. These phytonutrients defend the body against disease and environmental stress. They solidify the body from the inside.

8. Loss of weight – All green vegetables are high in dietary fiber, which helps to regulate body metabolism and maintain a healthy weight.

9. Helps improve mental health – Several studies have found that green vegetables can help reduce cognitive function depletion.

10. Asthma treatment – Mustard greens contain vitamin C, which facilitates the breakdown of histamine, an inflammatory substance that is overproduced in people suffering from asthma. Additionally, magnesium relaxes the lungs and bronchial tubes.


Sarson ka Saag is a popular winter dish in Northern India. It comes with Makki ki roti, white butter, and jaggery on the hand. This leafy green is plentiful in the market throughout this time of year. Because it is easily available during the winter season, utilize it to make a delightful “Sarson ka Saag,” or you can visit Aangan, the best Indian restaurant in Footscray, which offers a delicious Sarson ka Saag. The fresh flavor of the greens should glow through, so use less spice and enjoy the authentic taste and health benefits. Make this food a part of your diet once per week, preferably during the winter months, to boost immunity and gain numerous other health benefits.

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