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Etiquette to Follow While Dining in Derrimut

Etiquette to Follow While Dining in Derrimut

By In Cooking

Eating out is not only about high-quality food. Adherence to dining etiquette enhances pleasure. So next time, if you are dinning in Derrimut anytime soon, keep the under mentioned protocol in mind.

Dress Code

The dress code has to be in accordance with the occasion. For instance, a high-level business meeting will necessitate a formal dress code. On the other hand, casual attire will be acceptable if you are going to a kid’s birthday party. Choice of an appropriate dress speaks volumes about your bent of mind and the thought that has gone into thinking about the occasion.

 Meeting the Host

It is important to warmly greet the host. In case of the business meeting, saying a quick hello to the top-boss is obligatory. In case of informal occasions, it will be nice if the greetings can be accompanied by a little more detailed talk about the well-being of the host’s family. Likewise, the departure from the party should not be abrupt. Ideally, the guest should thank the host for the lovely time that they have had at the party.

Table Etiquette

This list may appear obvious but many people give it a miss. Avoid elbows on the table, pass on food to the right, use utensils and not hands for eating, do not chew food with mouth open and do not speak when the mouth is full of food. Non adherence to any of these reflects lack of mannerism and may mar the eating experience of others.

The checklist of etiquette is simple and easy to follow. Use these ground rules and have a great time at Aangan, the best Indian restaurant in Derrimut.

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