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One of the best restaurants in Clayton

One of the best restaurants in Clayton

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There is one single thing that Aangan is good at: ‘Delighting Customers’. The best Indian restaurant is committed to carry on this legacy till eternity. Only the novice would feel that the act of ‘delighting customers’ is a straightforward one. Indeed, it takes some doing to ‘get it right’ every time. The Clayton cafe of Aangan however has developed a knack of scoring high on this metric.

Aangan ensures that the service delivery blueprint is followed in letter and spirit so that there are no goof-ups. Processes are standardized to such a great extent that there are no arguments in the kitchen or for that matter anywhere else in the restaurant. Employees know what has to be done and in case of any divergent view, where do they have to seek resolution. The calm and compose with which everyone works at Aangan lends an overall soothing aura at the outlet.

Aangan manages the activities above the line-of-visibility as well as it manages the activities below-the-line of visibility. Talk about the exteriors of the venue, they are not only spacious but neat and well-kept. Once the customer reaches the entry gate, the Aangan effect is palpable. The moment guests sight any employee, the former get a warm acknowledgement and welcome from the latter. Often, restaurants make the mistake of not keeping the restrooms clean. Aangan, of course, is not in that list.

The cumulative impact of all these aspects is so immense that guests do not have a choice but to visit Aangan time and again. And then they are rewarded every time with sumptuous Indian cuisine.

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