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Celebrate Festivals in Style at the Clayton Restaurants

Celebrate Festivals in Style at the Clayton Restaurants

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India is well-known for its cultural-diversity and festivities.  There are number of festivals that are celebrated throughout the country. Add to those the region or religion specific festivals. Round the year, there are days of enjoyment and merriment. For people who have moved out of their home country, the nostalgic feeling is understandable. This feeling reaches the apex during festivals.

Back home, you used to spend days preparing for festivals like Holi and Diwali and then used to have a gala time with family and friends. Away from the home country, this feeling of ecstasy is conspicuous by its absence. Perhaps, you are feeling homesick and are missing the festivities because you have not heard about Aangan, the best Indian restaurant in Clayton.

Aangan serves traditional Indian cuisine and caters to the needs of a niche market. The ambience and décor of the restaurant is reminiscent of India. The Indian origin of the founder enables the restaurant to fully understand the nuances of Indian food culture. The personal touch and warmth is as appealing as the sumptuous food prepared and served at this top-notch Clayton restaurant.

Given its roots in Indian, Aangan is geared to organize memorable parties to celebrate every Indian festival. If the hosts so desire, the Aangan team can organize a theme party as well. The spacious sitting arrangement and the appealing interiors makes the guests feel at home.

What more do you need? Come and have a hearty time with people who have so much to share with you. While you catch up with each other, Aangan will serve lip smacking Indian delicacies to sway you back to your ‘India days’.

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