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Aangan to Open its doors in Clayton on July 8

Aangan to Open its doors in Clayton on July 8

By In Indian Restaurant

Who would have thought that Aangan would expand at such a rapid clip? It’s only been a decade and half and Aangan is spreading its wings throughout Australia. Come July 8 and Aangan will open its doors for Clayton customers.

The one-of-its-kind Aangan is housed in a humungous building. If the façade of the building is enticing, the interior is equally mesmerizing. The retro lounge on the ground floor is glitzy and reminiscent of a typical premium Indian setting.

The staircase makes way to a massive, serene seating arrangement. The other highlights include the illuminated Aangan signage that forms the perfect backdrop for selfies.The elephant murals on the wall and a host of antique artifacts will transport you to Indian heritage. How would it feel to be seated in a rickshaw and having a sumptuous bite and that too in conditioned ambiance? The answer is obvious and Aangan Clayton provides this and much more.

The icing on the cake is the vast repertoire of menu options at Clayton’s Aangan. The entrée menu includes samosas and masala papad. Guests can savor the true Indian taste of panipuri, dahibhallachaat and behlpuri at the ChaatBhandar. Mocktails and cocktails set way for that memorable evening! The main course menu includes varied food options like tandoori and south Indian to satiate the taste buds of its esteemed clients. The desserts add to the delicious delights.

8th July is the day! Come and be part of the Grand Opening of Aangan Clayton; quintessential India, right here in Clayton, Australia. To book your table call 03 85268685 now!

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