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Top-Pick Vegan Restaurant in Bundoora

Top-Pick Vegan Restaurant in Bundoora

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World over, health-consciousness is increasing at a faster rate than ever before. People are shunning calorie-rich and fat-rich food and switching to healthy food and beverage options.

It is not without reason that the ‘vegan’ phenomenon has caught the attention of the world. The switch to a diet where meat and animal products are conspicuous by their absence accords numerous benefits. Some of the benefits of vegan diet include

Rich in Nutrients

Fruits, vegetables and whole grains form a large chunk of vegan diet. Such foods are a rich source of various vitamins and minerals.

Loss of Weight

Non-vegans generally have a higher body mass index (BMI) as compared to vegans. Strictly following a vegan diet may thus be a good way to shed that extra flab on the body.

Good for Organs

Vegan diet is known to have a beneficial impact on the kidneys. It is especially useful for people who have diabetes or are susceptible to the disease. Vegans have lower sugar levels and those on insulin regulating drugs have been able to reduce the level of their medication.

Cancer Reducing Properties

Vegan diet has the potency to thwart cancer. Research suggests that legumes reduce the chances of death due to cancer by up to 15 percent. Inclusion of non vegan diet enhances probability of contracting colon and prostate cancer.

Healthy Heart

Vegan diet has an inverse relationship with heart ailments. Various studies have established that vegan diet controls cholesterol levels.

Indeed, there are compelling reasons to opt for vegan diet. Is vegan food not tasty? The answer is that vegan food is as tasty as any other food. Aangan is one of the leading vegan restaurants in Bundoora that helps customers enjoy delicious yet healthy food, all in one go!

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