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Breads/ Rice


Basmati Rice $4.00
Saffron Rice $5.00
  • Saffron flavoured rice
Vegetable Biryani $12.50
Lamb/Goat Biryani $17.50
  • Succulent lamb/goat cooked with special herbs and served with rice
Peas Pulao $8.50
  • Peas tossed in Pulao rice
Jeera Rice $7.50
  • Basmati rice tossed with cummin seeds
Chicken Biryani $17.50
  • Succelent chicken with special herbs,cooked using the age old


Plain Naan $3.00
  • A leavened plain flour bread of North india
Roti $3.00
  • Wholemeal flour bread
Butter Naan Lacche Wala $6.00
  • Flaky version of naan
Garlic Naan $4.50
  • Naan lavishly flavoured with garlic butter
Cheese Naan $5.50
  • Peas tossed in Pulao rice
Kashmiri Naan $7.00
  • Naan stuffed with a mixture of dry fruits and nuts and cooked in tandoor
Keema Naan $6.50
  • Naan stuffed with mince meat
Onion Kulcha $6.50
  • Naan stuffed with onion ginger & green chilli
Chicken Kulcha $8.50
  • Naan stuffed with chicken and mildly spices
Masala kulcha $6.50
  • Luxurion mix of mashed potatoes,cheese,green chilli and a secret blend of masala spices
Missi Roti $4.00
  • Roti made with gram and wheat flour mixed with spices This bread goes well with any dahl or spinach dish
Herb &Cheese Naan $5.50
  • Cheese Naan infused with herbs