Don’t Forget To Ask Your Wedding Caterer These Important Questions!

Don’t Forget To Ask Your Wedding Caterer These Important Questions!

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Wedding catering and decoration take the largest portion of expenses along with wedding dress and make-up. The search for the right caterer is a hectic task. You must focus on the quality of the food and ask the required questions to the wedding caterer. If you are someone based in Melbourne and looking forward to Indian wedding catering, you must ask these questions.
What Kind of Wedding Have You Organized?  You should not stick to the social media pictures of the caterers. As them for visuals and real pictures by meeting them face-to-face. You can even ask for references from previous clients and venues they have provided catering services at.

1. What Is Your Cuisine Specialization?

You must ask the wedding caterer about their specialization. If you are organizing an Indian wedding in Melbourne, you cannot ask an Australian to prepare Indian food with the same authenticity. Ask the caterer about their strength areas, what they can serve the best to the guests, whether they can customize the food, and much more. It will help you ascertain your expenses.

2 .When can I go ahead with Food Tasting Session?

It is best to go ahead with food tasting before the wedding. This will help you determine which food will suit your wedding theme. You can ask for the mini-meal, including all the dishes that you have picked for your big day.

3. Will You be Free on the Wedding Date?

The idea of a wedding is to make your family and friends feel special. So, good food must be the first thing to tantalize their taste buds. For this, ask your caterer about their presence at different functions, or ask them the date/time during pre-discussion. This will make things easier.

4. What is Your Catering Package?

Do not get confused with the package, as you must pick the catering and decoration package that fits exactly within your budget. If there are any extra charges or service charges, do get it in writing, or if that’s included in the package, do confirm the same. You do not want to end up giving more than what you planned.

5. Can You Customize the Food for Us?

It is your big day, and you have full right to decide what to keep on the menu and what not. Ask the catering providers about the menu customization if there are some dietary requirements for a few elderly guests. Going with a pre-set menu is also great, but a few customized dishes will let everyone enjoy.

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