Dal Makhani That Revolutionised The Face Of Black Lentils Forever

Dal Makhani That Revolutionised The Face Of Black Lentils Forever

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How Dal Makhani Originated?

There are a lot of similarities in the origin of legendary cuisines Dal Makhani and Butter Chicken. Modifications were performed on age-old Urad ki Dal, Maa ki Dal & Black Lentil Dal. Kundan Lal Jaggi initially came up with the idea of Butter Chicken and thought of making a vegetarian dish to complement this non-vegetarian dish.

Presently, dal makhani is a popular North Indian Food sold in every nook and corner of the globe. The ingredients added to the recipe offer myriad of health benefits, so let’s look at each of them:

Primary Ingredients Included in Dal Makhani with Benefits

1. Two cups of Sabut Urad Dal: Did you know that 1 cup of cooked urad dal covers 69.30% of the Folic acid requirements of the body? The production and maintenance of new red blood cells are generally taken care of by Folic acid. It is rich in phosphorus, and Calcium also regulates cholesterol and Diabetes in the body.

2. Three finely chopped Onions: Onions are excellent antioxidants. It comprises Vitamin C that helps to boost the body’s immunity. It keeps the heart healthy, and tears produced by it while chopping keeps our eyes contaminant free.

3. Tomatoes: Tomatoes are essential ingredients included in almost every Indian Food & are a good source of Lycopene and Vitamin C and keep our hearts healthy. It is a boon for pregnant ladies and has Folic Acid in it.

4. Coriander: The taste of every Indian dish is enhanced once garnished with Coriander. It comprises Quercetin, which gives immunity a boost. Both Iron and Folate are generally found in Coriander, which produces and maintains the count of red blood cells in our body.

5. Cumin Seeds: Those struggling with digestive issues must consume small amounts of Cumin seeds and see the difference. Cumin seeds are a good source of Iron.20% of the Iron requirements can be fulfilled via Cumin seeds. Those planning to reduce weight or prevent inflammation must add Cumin to their Food.

6. Finely chopped Green Chillies: Green Chillies help you get rid of stress and prevent the formation of free radicals. High fibre content keeps the blood sugar level of the body intact. Green Chillies are a blessing for those dealing with health ailments such as Anaemia. Indian restaurants prefer to chop green chillies before adding them to the dal.

7. Cinnamon, Dalchini, Cinnamon Powder: Cinnamon, when taken with its Antioxidant powder, helps to prevent chronic illnesses like Cancer, Diabetes, and heart disease. Those who have Diabetes have been consuming turmeric powder to regulate it. It minimises insulin sensitivity and keeps blood sugar levels in control. An element, Triglyceride, helps to prevent clot formation in the human body.

8. Cardamom(Elaichi): Bacteria inside the human body can be eradicated using Cardamom. One can overcome common stomach issues like Stomach Ache, Cramps, and Flatulence by consuming this magic ingredient.

9. Two tablespoon Turmeric Powder: Those facing issues like Indigestion need to consume some turmeric powder to get rid of it. It is a fantastic source of iron and must be consumed as root and powder by Anaemic patients. Turmeric powder eliminates the bacteria causing cold, cough, and throat irritation. Make it a part of your diet and keep diseases like Alzheimer’s at bay.

10. Fresh Cream: This is generally added to dal makhani to enhance its flavour and is rich in fats.

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