Best Indian Restaurant in West Footscray

Best Indian Restaurant in West Footscray

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People living in different parts of the world have a penchant for Indian food. Specifically, Indians who have migrated from their motherland and are located in a different region long for traditional Indian cuisine.  For all such food freaks, Aangan is matchless amongst West Footscray restaurants.

The team at Aangan understands Indian kitchen. It has the expertise to cook any kind of Indian food right from salads and soups to the main course. Food is available for all day parts and therefore samosa, pani puri, chat et al can be had as a quick snack at this West Footscray cafe.

Aangan, West Footscray juxtaposes numerous benefits for its clients. While the great experience that emerges from high quality food is the fulcrum, a neat and clean ambience and customer first approach of the service staff are also valuable assets of the organization.

The icing on the cake is the competitive pricing strategy adopted by Aangan. The procurement of raw material is centralized and the operations are standardized. This enables Aangan to provide superlative cooked food to its guests on all occasions.

Aangan has grown steadily since its inception. The Indian-themed restaurant now operates four more outlets in addition to the one in West Footscray. All these are company operated and thus the management enjoys great degree of control over the operations. Given its experience, financial health and traction in the marketplace, Aangan is poised for long-term growth.

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