A Quiet, Romantic Dinner – Aangan; Best Indian Restaurant in West Footscray

A Quiet, Romantic Dinner – Aangan; Best Indian Restaurant in West Footscray

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Your spouse has been your true companion all these years. You have loved each other and have been each other’s strength. You can say with certainty that you have had the best time of your life in the company of your spouse. There has always been a shoulder for you to cry on during tough times and always a partner to laugh along.

In the fast paced, hectic life, where responsibilities kept increasing with each passing day, you marched ahead, ably supported by your spouse.

There were days when you were late than the stipulated time or you just did not bring the stuff from the market. Do not miss to remember those days when you were plain lazy and your better half stepped into your shoes to get everything done.  Do you remember that guilty feeling when you forgot your spouse’s birthday? And then there was a period when you didn’t gift anything to your spouse for years on the trot.

Yes, in hindsight, you feel that at times, you just took things for granted and even gave a raw deal. But your partner never complained.

You are now enjoying the golden years of life after completing all your responsibilities. Your golden jubilee anniversary is round the corner. How nice would it be to turn back the clock and spend time reminiscent of the ‘good old days’?

The perfect way to celebrate you day is a quiet, romantic dinner at Aangan, the best Indian restaurant in West Footscray. Sumptuous food, comfortable ambience and exemplary hospitality will make your day very special indeed.

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