6 Traditional Must – Try Indian foods to eat

6 Traditional Must – Try Indian foods to eat

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True food enthusiasts know that among the best cuisines in the world, Indian food is one of the top contenders. There is no end to the number of options you can find within the Indian cuisines, which are further divided based on their regions. If you go on a spree to sample each Indian dish every day, it will take years to try all the different options/choices, and still, you won’t even reach the end of this exhaustive list. From spicy to sweet and simple to gourmet foods, there is no dearth of good Indian foods. Suppose you are new to the Indian cuisine scene and unsure where to start. In that case, you can try out the options in our highly recommended list of famous Indian authentic dishes mentioned in this piece.

Indian Foods You Cannot Miss…!

These Indian food options are widely available in the best Indian restaurants in Clayton. They are often widely ordered by foodies familiar with these dishes’ amazing taste.

Dal Makhani – The word ‘dal’ in Hindi refers to lentils, and ‘makhani’ is any food rich in butter. These little black lentils are stewed for many hours to produce this delicious, rich dish that is a celebrated classic option, especially in North India. It’s the pinnacle of fine Indian food that is widely served on special occasions like weddings; no one ever stops after one serving!

Pani Puri – Pani puri, also known as Gol Gappa, are hollow deep-fried balls made of wheat or semolina, and one of the most loved street foods. Pani puri is served with spiced tamarind water, chickpeas, and spicy potatoes as fillings. Eating it can be an enjoyable struggle as ani puri has to be eaten swiftly and in one bite to experience the explosion of different flavours in your mouth.

Dosa – Masala dosa is the most well-known dish from South India worldwide. Dosas are a type of Indian pancake prepared with a thin batter made of rice, wheat, and lentils. Like French crepes, the dosas are thin and delicate but savoury in taste. Dosas are typically served with potatoes inside with accompaniments like hot sambar.

Chaat – Chaat is an entree in India’s mouthwatering savoury appetizers, bursting with complex flavours ranging from spicy to sweet. A chaat has multiple options, and they all live up to the word ‘chaat,’ which means licking one’s fingers after a delicious meal or ‘to devour good food gleefully.” The typical chaat is a delicious blend of potatoes, crispy fried bread, and chickpeas topped with fresh green coriander, yogurt, spices, and green or tamarind chutneys. There is no end to different variations from across the Indian regions.

Paratha – In northern India, parathas are frequently consumed as breakfast and are revered as a wholesome meal. The paratha is a fried wheat dough cooked on a ‘tava’ before being shallow-fried to make parathas. It can be made with any filling – potatoes, vegetables, eggs, sugar, etc., no limit on the stuffing. The most popular way to consume parathas is to have a side of yogurt, a dollop of butter, spicy Indian pickles, and tea or lassi.

Idli – Idli is widely consumed throughout South India and is frequently compared to dosa as a breakfast food. Idli is a fluffy rice ball/ cake that is cooked by steaming. Though quite simple, the accompaniment of sambhar and coconut-based chutneys make it a mouthwatering delicacy that is also healthy. It is also made with various variations, each equally delicious.

Treat your Taste Buds with Amazing Indian Cuisines

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