Vada Sambhar – Crispy donuts made up of a lentil batter $8.50
Idlley Sambhar – Mini soft steamed rice cakes served with sambhar $8.50
Plain Dosa – A thin crispy crêpe made from rice and lentils batter $10.50
All our dosas are served with sambhar & three chutneys (coconut, tomato and mint)
Masala Dosa – Dosa filled with madras potato masala $12.50
Onion Masala Dosa – Dosa filled with fresh onions and topped with Madras potato masala $12.50
Butter Masala Dosa – Dosa prepared using fresh butter $13.50
Paneer Masala Dosa – Dosa filled with a creamy spicy paneer masala $13.50
Chilli Cheese Dosa – Dosa filled with cheese and chili flakes $12.50


Samosa – A crispy pastry filled with potatoes and Peas $7.50
Mixed Pakora – A crispy fried assortment of vegetable fritters $7.00
Paneer Pakora – Cottage cheese fritters served with tomato sauce $9.50
Peanut Masala – Spiced, crunchy peanuts, mixed with zesty masala $7.50
Spring Rolls (vegetable) – A mixture of vegetables, rolled in a thin pancake and fried $8.90
Vegetable Kebab – Lightly spiced, grilled vegetable patties, served alongside salad and mint chutney $12.50
Amritsari Fish – Fish marinated in Indian spices, fried and served with spicy green chili sauce $14.00
Onion Bhajji – Onion rings, coated in a chickpea batter and fried $7.50
Masala Papad – Pappadum layered with chopped onion, chilli and tomato $7.50
Vegetarian Platter – Assortment of vegetarian starters $14.50


A Chatpata (‘tangy’) treat straight from the streets of India!

A Chaat is based on three sauces: Tamarind (sweet), Sour Mint (spicy) and Cool Yoghurt (flavoured with cumin)
Chaat Platter to Share – Your choice of three Chaat items, served on a platter $16.00
Pani Puri – Hollow balls of wheat semolina filled with potatoes and chickpeas, and served with mint flavoured water $7.50
Masala Puri – Hollow balls stuffed with a spicy mixture of chickpeas and, potatoes, filled with tamarind and mint sauce $7.50
Tikki Chaat – Potato cakes cooked on the grill, topped with Chaat sauces and garnished with chopped onions, tomato and coriander $7.50
Papri Chaat – Crisp pastry wrapped, diced potatoes and chickpeas, that are topped with

Chaat sauces

Samosa Chaat (2 Pieces) – Samosa crushed, then topped with Chaat sauces and spiced with Chaat masala and roasted cumin powder $7.50
Dahi Bhalla Chaat – Soft fried balls of lentil batter dipped in cool and sweet yogurt with tamarind sauce $7.50


served with onion rings and a dipping sauce

Tandoori Platter to Share – A combination of chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, seekh kebab and tandoori fish, served with naan bread $29.50
Tandoori Chicken The King of Kebab – Barbequed chicken prepared with yogurt and




Achari Tikka – Spicy version of chicken tikka marinated with zesty spicy pickle masala $16.50
Chicken Tikka – Succulent and juicy pieces of chicken thigh fillet, marinated overnight and

cooked in our charcoal Tandoor



Chicken Malai Tikka – Chicken marinated with cheddar cheese and tandoori spices, and cooked in a clay oven $16.50
Seekh Kebab – Lamb mince infused with a special selection of masala, skewered and cooked in our charcoal Tandoor $11.00(Half)


Chapli Kebab – Shallow fried kebab of lamb mince, served on a bed of green salad $16.50
Lamb Chops (6 pieces) – Lamb chops tenderized in a special marinade, and finished in a clay oven $22.50
Tandoori Vegetable Platter to Share – A combination of stuffed mushrooms, paneer

tikka and vegetable kebab served with baby sized naan bread and three dips

Paneer Tikka – Mildly spiced cubes of cottage cheese skewered with fresh vegetables and cooked on the grill $14.50
Tandoori Mushrooms – Marinated mushrooms skewered, and cooked on the grill and served with vegetables $14.50
Fish Tikka – Fillet of Basa fish marinated in a tandoori base $17.50
Tulsi Prawns – Prawns flavoured with basil and garlic, cooked in our charcoal Tandoor $17.50


Cream of Tomato Soup $7.50
Hot and Sour Soup Vegetable/Chicken $7.50
Vegetable/Chicken and Corn Soup $7.50
Manchow Soup Vegetable/Chicken $7.50


Vegetable Manchurian – Vegetable dumplings stir fried in garlic and soya sauce $13.50
Vegetable 65 – Vegetable dumplings in a sauce flavoured with curry leaves and fresh chilli $13.50
Chilli Paneer – Batter fried paneer Indian cottage cheese, tossed in chilli sauce $13.50
Paneer Manchurian – Batter fried Indian cottage cheese tossed in manchurian sauce $13.50
Gobhi Manchurian – Cauliflower florets batter fried, and tossed in manchurian sauce $13.50
Chicken Manchurian – Fried battered chicken served in a manchurian sauce $15.50
Chilli Chicken – Fried battered chicken, wok tossed in a special homemade chilli sauce $15.50
Chicken 65 – Fried battered chicken, stir fried in a special homemade chilli sauce $15.50
Garlic Chicken – Chicken tossed with fresh garlic and chilli sauce served on a sizzling platter $17.50
Chilli Garlic Fish/Prawn – Prawns battered, fried and tossed in a chilli garlic sauce served on a sizzling platter $17.50
Andhra Fish – Wok tossed fillet of fish flavoured with mustard seeds and curry leaves, garnished with cashews and served on a sizzling platter $17.50
Vegetable Chow Mein – Noodles tossed with shredded vegetables and soya sauce $15.50
Chicken Chow Mein – Noodles tossed with shredded chicken, vegetables and soya sauce $15.50
Vegetable Fried Rice – Wok tossed rice and Vegetables $13.50
Chicken Fried Rice – Wok tossed rice, chicken and vegetables $15.50


Dal Makhani – Indian vegetarian dish that contains urad beans, simmered in a smooth sauce sautéed with tomatoes, onions and mild spices $14.50
Dal Tadka – Smooth red and yellow lentils are delicately seasoned and topped with browned onions and hot chili pepper $14.50
Punjabi Kofta – A classic Indian recipe of cheese dumplings simmered in a smooth sauce $15.50
Malai Kofta – A creamy and rich preparation made of tomatoes and cashew nuts, with Indian cottage cheese and dumplings $14.50
Matter Mushroom – Delicious combination of button mushrooms and peas, cooked in an onion and tomato sauce $15.50
Baingan Bhartha (eggplant dish) – Roasted eggplant mashed and tossed with onion and


Mixed Vegetable Jalfreze – A variety of fresh seasonal vegetables tossed in dry spices $15.50
Shai Paneer – Slices of paneer tikka cooked in fresh tomato sauce, and flavoured with ginger and chillies $16.50
Paneer Taka Tak – Slices of paneer tikka tossed with a tomato based sauce $16.50
Kadhai Paneer – Indian cottage cheese cooked in a spicy tomato based sauce, flavoured with fresh coriander and chilli $15.50
Balti Paneer – Indian cottage cheese prepared in a gingery tomato sauce then tossed with sliced onion, capsicum and tomatoes $16.50
Palak Paneer – Indian cottage cheese cooked in a creamy spinach sauce and garnished with ginger juliennes $15.50
Paneer Butter Masala – Indian cottage cheese dunked in a rich tomato based sauce $14.50
Aloo Jeera – Potatoes tossed with jeera, cumin and dry masala $14.50
Aloo Palak – Potatoes cooked, with a creamy spinach sauce and garnished with ginger juliennes $15.50
Methi Malai Mater – Methi green peas cooked in fresh cream and fresh Indian spices $15.50
Tawa Vegetables – Marinated mixed vegetables tossed in our tandoor, finished with an onion and tomato sauce, and served on a hot sizzling plate $16.50
Aloo Gobhi – Cauliflower and potato cubes tossed with flavoursome cumin seeds and Indian spices $15.50
Tawa Paneer – Marinated cottage cheese par -cooked on our charcoal fired oven, then finished with capsicum, onion and mushroom on a Tawa $16.50


Chicken Curry – Chicken stewed in an onion and tomato based sauce, and flavoured with a variety of spices $15.00
Butter Chicken – The Heart and Soul of Indian Cuisine. Tender pieces of chicken marinated overnight, part-cooked in a clay oven and simmered in a silky tomato sauce $16.00
Punjabi Butter Chicken – Butter chicken cooked in pure ‘desi’ style $16.00
Chicken Tikka Butter Masala – Chicken tikka tossed with onion and capsicum then coated in afresh, tomato based sauce $15.50
Methi Chicken – Chicken flavoured with fenugreek leaves and ginger juliennes $17.50
Chicken Taka Tak – Shredded chicken tikka tossed in a tomato based sauce $17.50
Chicken Vindaloo – Chicken flavoured in a homemade vindaloo paste with a hint of vinegar $16.00
Chicken Madras Curry – Chicken cooked in traditional Madras curry, flavoured with fresh curry leaves, mustard seeds and coconut $15.50
Chicken Korma – Boneless chicken cooked with spices in an almond sauce, and garnished with roasted almonds $16.50
Kadhai Chicken – Chicken cooked in a red tomato based sauce with freshly ground spices

and capsicum

Chicken Kolapuri – Chicken cooked in tangy and spicy kolapuri curry $16.50
Tawa Chicken – A spicy and succulent boneless chicken dish cooked in tawa sauce on a Tawa $16.50
Chicken Saag – Chicken cooked in a light and creamy spinach sauce $17.50


Select your meat with your choice of Curry Lamb/Beef/Goat
Traditional Curry Rogan Josh – Pieces of lamb simmered with yoghurt and spices until tender $16.50
Korma Curry – Lamb cooked in a light creamy sauce, and finished with coconut milk and cashew paste $16.50
Vindaloo Curry – A spicy hot dish consisting of lamb cooked in coconut vinegar, with red chillies $16.50
Madras Curry – A traditional curry flavoured with fresh curry leaves, mustard seeds and coconut $16.50
Kadai Curry (with your choice of meat) – Tossed in special kadai sauce and flavoured with fresh coriander seeds and fresh ginger $16.50
Kolhapuri Curry – A spicy hot curry $16.50
Spinach Curry – Meat cooked with fresh, puréed spinach $16.50
Masala Curry – Semi-dried curry tossed with capsicum and fresh coriander $16.50


Fish/Prawn Curry – Fish or prawns tossed with dry-roasted masala and coconut milk $17.00
Goan Curry – A tomato and coconut curry flavoured with whole dried chilli and special ground spices $17.00
Vindaloo Fish – Fish simmered in a coriander flavoured sauce $17.00
Fish Hyderabadi – Fish cooked in a roasted peanut and sesame seed sauce covered with coconut and tamarind juice $17.00
Fish/Prawn Masala – Fish or prawns tossed in a semi-dried sauce $17.00


Basmati Rice $4.00
Saffron Rice – Saffron flavoured rice $5.00
Aangan House Specials’ (Chicken Dum Biryani)

– Succulent chicken cooked with special herbs, cooked using the age-old method of ‘dum cooking’

Lamb/Goat Biryani – Succulent lamb/goat cooked with special herbs, and served with rice $15.50
Peas Pulao – Peas tossed in Pulao rice $8.50
Lemon Rice – Rice, flavoured with mustard and curry leaves, then finished with fresh lemon juice $8.50
Jeera Rice $7.50
Vegetable Biryani $13.50


Plain Naan – A leavened plain flour bread of North India $2.00
Butter Naan – Flaky version of naan $5.50
Garlic Naan – Naan lavishly flavoured with garlic Butter $2.50
Olive and Cheese Naan $5.50
Cheese Naan $4.50
Kashmiri Naan – Naan stuffed with a mixture of dry fruits and nuts, and cooked in tandoor $4.00
Keema Naan – Naan stuffed with mince meat $4.00
Onion Kulcha $5.50
Paneer Kulcha – Naan stuffed with cottage cheese and mildly spiced $5.50
Masala Kulcha – Luxurious mix of mashed potatoes, cheese, green chilli and a secret blend of masala spices $4.50
Roti – Wholemeal flour bread $2.00
Missi Roti – Roti made with gram and wheat flour, mixed with spices. This bread goes well with any dahl or spinach dish $4.00
Masala Roti – Missi roti with a topping of chopped onion, green chilli and coriander $4.50
Lachha Paratha – A spiral layered version of roti $5.00
Pudina Paratha – Paratha flavoured with mint $5.00
Chilli Paratha – Paratha topped with chopped chilli and chilli powder $4.50
Aloo Paratha – A roti stuffed with mashed potatoes – flavoured with roasted cumin, onion, chilli and mint, then baked in our charcoal Tandoor $5.50


Raita $4.00
Mirchi Tepordei Pickled Fried Chillies $4.50
Onion Salad $4.00
Green Salad $7.50
Sirka Onion with Pudina Chutney $3.50
Kachumber Salad $6.50


No sharing is allowed in the banquet
Feast at Aangan Banquet

$39.50 Per person (min 4 people)



Mix Pakora

Chicken Tikka

Seekh Kebab

Your choice of any Chaat

Your choice of any Stir Fry (Indo-Chinese)


Your choice of any two curries

Your choice of any Lentil (Dahl)

Mixed Breads


Your choice of Biryani Vegetable/Chicken/Lamb/Goat

Plain Rice


Dessert of your Choice

No sharing is allowed in the banquet
Aangan’s Royal Banquet

$45.50 Per person (min 4 people)

Start with buttermilk

Vegetable Starters

Choose any three: Vegetable Kebab, Paneer Tikka, Tandoori Mushroom, Papri Chaat, Tikki Chaat

Non-vegetable Starters

Choose any three: Lasooni Tikka Malai, Seekh Kebab, Chicken Tikka, Chapli Kebab


Your choice of any two curries /any Lentil (Dahl)

Chicken / Lamb / Vegetable Biryani / Plain Rice



Mixed Breads

Dessert of your Choice


$29.50 Per person (min 4 people)


Your choice of any three entrees


Your choice of any two Curries

Naan/Roti/Garlic Naan

Plain Rice/Saffron Rice


Mango Kulfi

Pista Kulfi


Mango Kulfi – Traditional Indian stlye ice cream made up of milk and mango pulp $7.50
Pista Kulfi – Indian style homemade ice cream flavored with pistachios and cardmoan $7.50
Gajjar Ka Halwa with vanilla ice cream – Carrot pudding made with milk and dry fruits goes really well with vanilla ice cream $8.50
Gulab Jamun – Soft balls of cottage cheese and condensed milk fried and dipped in sugar syrup flavored with rose essence $7.50
Faluda Kulfi – Thin vermicelli served with kulfi along with rose syrup and nuts $8.90
Ras Malai – Dumpling of cottage cheese dipped in saffron flavored milk $7.50
Vanilla Ice Cream $3.50
Vanilla Ice Cream with Fruit Salad $7.50
Indian Sunday Ice Cream – Mixture of 3 flavours of ice cream with fruits and nuts $12.50
Sizzling Chocolate Brownie – Chocolate brownie served on hot platter with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce $12.50


Just Fruity $6.50
Mango Punch $6.50
Strawberry Punch $6.50
Lychee Punch $6.50
Sunrise $7.50
Sweet Lassi $3.00
Salted Lassi $3.50
Massala Lassi (Jhaas) $3.50
Mango Lassi $3.50
Rose Lassi $3.50
Mix Fruit Lassi $4.50
Paan Lassi $5.50
Jaljeera $3.50
Vanilla $5.50
Strawberry $5.50
Mango $5.50
+ Add Ice Cream $1.00
Masala Tea $3.00
Orange Juice $3.00
Pineapple Juice $3.00
Apple Juice $3.00
Mango Juice $3.00
Lychee Juice $4.00
Post Mix (Pepsi /Sunkist/Sprite/Solo) $4.00
Gingerale $3.00
Sparkling Water $3.00
Soda Water $3.00
Lemon Lime Bitters $4.50
Kingfisher (Indian) $6.50
Haywards (Indian) $6.50
Victoria Bitter $5.00
Cascade Light $6.00
Heineken $6.50
Crown Lager $6.00
Corona $6.50
Pure Blonde $6.50
Bagpiper $5.50
Blender’s Pride $5.50
Royal Stag $5.50
Canadian Club $5.50
Jack Daniel $5.50
Johnnie Walker (Red) $5.50
Dimple $5.50

All premium drinks will be serve with Bombay mix

Johnnie Walker (Black) $7.50
Johnnie Walker (Blue) $15.00
Chivas Regal $7.00
Jim Beam $6.00
Jack Daniel $6.00
Bundaberg $6.00
Old Monk $6.00
VSOP $7.50
Smirnoff $8.50
Absolute $8.50
Gordon’s Gin $6.00
Bombay Sapphire $6.00
Sambuca Shot $8.50
Tequila Shot $8.50
Bailey’s $6.00
House Wine
Red $4.50
White $4.50
Red Wine
Rosemount Estate – Cabernet Merlot Glass $6.50

Bottle 17.50

Jacob’s Creek – Shiraz Glass $6.50

Bottle 18.50

Jacob’s Creek – Shiraz Cabernet Glass $6.50

Bottle 18.50

Wolf Blass – Cabernet Sauvignon Glass $6.50

Bottle $19.50

Yarra Ridge – Pinot Noir Glass $8.00

Bottle 28.00

White Wine
Wolf Blass – Rosé Glass $6.00

Bottle $16.00

De Bortoli – Semillon Chardonnay Glass $6.00 Bottle $19.00
De Bortoli – Tramier Riesling Glass $6.00 Bottle $17.50
Brancott Estate – Pinot Gris Glass $7.50 Bottle $25.00
Oyster Bay – Sauv Blanc Glass $6.50 Bottle $28.00
West Footscray: 559 Barkly St, West Footscray, VIC 3012

Shepparton: 67 Fryers Street, Shepparton VIC 3630

Derrimut: 6-7/85 Mt Derrimut Rd, Deer Park, VIC 3030
Dhaba by Aangan: 3/900 Old Calder Hwy, Keilor, VIC 3036

Aangan Express: 361 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn, VIC 3122


Aangan West Footscray
03 96894175 / 03 93961359

Aangan Derrimut
03 83617280 / 03 83904976

Dhaba By Aangan
03 8383 3355 / 03 94499331

Aangan Express
03 98180037

Aangan Shepparton
03 4812 2995