Vada Sambar – Crispy fritters made with urad daal and enjoyed with sambar
Idli Sambar – Ground rice & lentil steamed pancakes with sambhar
All our dosas are served with sambhar & two chutneys (coconut, tomato )
Plain Dosa – A thin crispy crêpe made from rice and lentils batter
Masala Dosa – dosa filled with madras potato masala
Onion Masala Dosa – Dosa filled with fresh onions and topped with Madras potato masala
Butter Masala Dosa – Dosa prepared using fresh butter
Paneer Masala Dosa – Dosa filled with a creamy spicy paneer masala
Chilli Cheese Dosa – Dosa filled with cheese and chilly flakes
Rawa Dosa – It’s a crispy version of dosa made up of semolina flour
Onion Rawa Dosa – Rawa dosa ?nshed with chopped red onion and potatoes masala (plain/masala)
Uttapam – It is a thick pancake with a choice of different toppings to choose from
Plain/ Mix Masala / Cheese / Pizza


Samosa – A crispy pastry filled with potatoes and peas
Mixed Pakora – A crispy fried assortment of vegetable fritters
Paneer Pakora – Cottage cheese fritters served with tomato sauce
Amritsari Fish – Fish marinated in Indian spices, fried and served with spicy green chilli sauce
Onion Bhajji – Onion rings, coated in a chickpea batter and fried
Mushroom Nazakat – Mushroom sautéed in garlic and white sauce served in poppadum basket
Masala Papad – Pappadum layered with chopped onion, chilli and tomato


A Chatpata (tangy) treat straight from the streets of India!
A Chaat is based on three sauces: Tamarind (sweet), Sour Mint (spicy) and Cool Yoghurt (flavoured with cumin)
Chaat Platter to Share – Your choice of three Chaat items, served on a platter
Pani Puri – Hollow balls of wheat semolina filled with potatoes and chickpeas, and served with mint flavoured water
Masala Puri – Hollow balls stuffed with a spicy mixture of chickpeas and, potatoes, filled with tamarind and mint sauce
Tikki Chaat – Potato cakes cooked on the grill, topped with Chaat sauces and garnished with chopped onions, tomato and coriander
Papri Chaat – Crisp pastry wrapped, diced potatoes and chickpeas, that are topped with Chaat sauces
Samosa Chaat (2 Pieces) – Samosa crushed, then topped with Chaat sauces and spiced with Chaat masala and roasted cumin powder
Dahi Bhalla Chaat – Soft fried balls of lentil batter dipped in cool and sweet yogurt with tamarind sauce


served with onion rings and a dipping sauce

Tandoori Platter to Share – A combination of chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, seekh kebab and tandoori fish, served with naan bread
Tandoori Chicken The King of Kebab – Barbequed chicken prepared with yogurt and spices
Achari Tikka – Spicy version of chicken tikka marinated with zesty spicy pickle masala
Chicken Tikka – Succulent and juicy pieces of chicken thigh fillet, marinated overnight and cooked in our charcoal Tandoor
Chicken Malai Tikka – Chicken marinated with cheddar cheese and tandoori spices, and cooked in a clay oven
Seekh Kebab – Lamb mince infused with a special selection of masala, skewered and cooked in our charcoal Tandoor
Chapli Kebab – Shallow fried kebab of lamb mince, served on a bed of green salad
Lamb Chops (6 pieces) – Lamb chops tenderised in a special marinade, and finished in a clay oven
Tandoori Vegetable Platter to Share – A combination of stuffed mushrooms, paneer tikka and vegetable kebab served with baby sized naan bread and three dips
Palak Aur Corn Ke Kebab – Lightly spiced, grilled vegetable patties, served alongside salad & mint chutney
Paneer Tikka – Mildly spiced cubes of cottage cheese skewered with fresh vegetables and cooked on the grill
Tandoori Mushrooms – Marinated mushrooms skewered, and cooked on the grill and served with vegetables
Tandoori Broccoli – Broccoli cooked in a tandoor with a cheesy marination
Fish Tikka – Fillet of Basa fish marinated in a tandoori base
Balaika Jihnga – Prawns flavoured with basil leaves marinade and cooked in tandoor


Cream of Tomato Soup
Hot and Sour Soup (Vegetable/Chicken)
Corn Soup (Vegetable/Chicken)
Manchow Soup (Vegetable/Chicken)


Vegetable Manchurian – Vegetable dumplings stir fried in garlic and soya sauce
Vegetable 65 – Vegetable dumplings in a sauce flavoured with curry leaves and fresh chilli
Chilli Paneer – Batter fried paneer Indian cottage cheese, tossed in chilli sauce
Paneer Manchurian – Batter fried Indian cottage cheese tossed in manchurian sauce
Gobhi Manchurian – Cauliflower florets batter fried, and tossed in manchurian sauce
Chilli Garlic Potatoes – Potatoes tossed with fresh garlic and chilli sauce served on a sizzling platter
Chicken Manchurian – Fried battered chicken served in a manchurian sauce
Chilli Chicken – Fried battered chicken, wok tossed in a special homemade chilli sauce
Chicken 65 – Fried battered chicken, stir fried in a special homemade chilli sauce
Garlic Chicken – Chicken tossed with fresh garlic and chilli sauce served on a sizzling platter
Chicken Lollipops – Spicy, soy-marinated chicken wings in a “lollipop” shape
Chicken Scezuan – Chicken made with spicy recipe using cayenne pepper and dried chilies
Chilli Garlic Fish/Prawn – Prawns battered, fried and tossed in a chilli garlic sauce served on a sizzling platter
Andhra Fish – Wok tossed fillet of fish flavoured with mustard seeds and curry leaves, garnished with cashews and served on a sizzling platter


Vegetable Chow Mein – Noodles tossed with shredded vegetables and soya sauce
Chicken Chow Mein – Noodles tossed with shredded chicken, vegetables and soya sauce
Scezuan Noodles – Chicken made with spicy recipe using cayenne pepper and dried chilies
Vegetable Fried Rice – Wok tossed rice and vegetables
Chicken Fried Rice – Wok tossed rice, chicken and vegetables
Scezuan Fried Rice – Hot, spicy and Indo- Chinese recipe. Perfect with gravy vegetable Manchurian
Indo-Chinese Sharing Platter (Veg/NonVeg) – A combination of 2 Entrees and choice of Noodle or Fried Rice


Dal Makhani РIndian vegetarian dish that contains urad beans, simmered in a smooth sauce saut̩ed with tomatoes, onions and mild spices
Dal Tadka – Smooth red and yellow lentils are delicately seasoned and topped with browned onions and hot chilli pepper
Dal Palak – Yellow dal tossed with fresh baby spinach leaves and garlic and cumin
Punjabi Kofta – A classic Indian recipe of cheese dumplings simmered in a smooth sauce  
Malai Kofta – A creamy and rich preparation made of tomatoes and cashew nuts, with Indian cottage cheese and dumplings
Matter Mushroom – Delicious combination of button mushrooms and peas, cooked in an onion and tomato sauce
Baingan Bhartha (eggplant dish) – Roasted eggplant mashed and tossed with onion and tomato
Subj Miloni – A variety of fresh seasonal vegetables tossed in dry spices
Kadhai Paneer – Indian cottage cheese cooked in a spicy tomato based sauce, flavoured with fresh coriander and chilli
Balti Paneer – Indian cottage cheese prepared in a gingery tomato sauce then tossed with sliced onion, capsicum and tomatoes
Palak Paneer – Indian cottage cheese cooked in a creamy spinach sauce and garnished with ginger juliennes
Palak Kofta Curry – Spinach kofta balls made with chopped spinach and simmered in spicy gravy
Aloo Jeera – Potatoes tossed with jeera, cumin and dry masala
Methi Malai Mater – Methi green peas cooked in fresh cream and fresh Indian spices
Paneer Taka Tak – A cottage cheese prepration cooked in tangy tomato and ginger sauce
Puran Singh Da Tari Wala Murgh – Special recipe Sourced from indian dhaba in Punjab
Butter Chicken – The Heart and Soul of Indian Cuisine. Tender pieces of chicken marinated overnight, part-cooked in a clay oven and simmered in a silky tomato sauce
Punjabi Butter Chicken – Butter chicken cooked in pure ‘desi’ style
Chicken Tikka Butter Masala – Chicken tikka tossed with onion and capsicum then coated in a fresh, tomato based sauce
Handi Chicken – Muglai dum cooking is used where chicken is sealed with spices and left for very gentle cooking
Chicken Vindaloo – Chicken flavoured in a homemade vindaloo paste with a hint of vinegar
Chicken Madras Curry – Chicken cooked in traditional Madras curry, flavoured with fresh curry leaves, mustard seeds and coconut
Chicken Korma – Boneless chicken cooked with spices in an almond sauce, and garnished with roasted almonds
Kadhai Chicken – Chicken cooked in a red tomato based sauce with freshly ground spices and capsicum
Chicken Kolapuri – Chicken cooked in tangy and spicy kolapuri curry
Chicken Saag – Chicken cooked in a light and creamy spinach sauce
Rogan Josh – Pieces of lamb simmered with yoghurt and spices until tender
Korma Curry – Lamb cooked in a light creamy sauce, and finished with coconut milk and cashew paste
Lamb Vindaloo – A spicy hot dish consisting of lamb cooked in coconut vinegar, with red chillies
Lamb Madras Curry – A traditional curry flavoured with fresh curry leaves, mustard seeds and coconut
Kadai Lamb – Tossed in special kadai sauce and flavoured with fresh coriander seeds and fresh ginger
Kolhapuri Curry – A spicy hot curry
Lamb with Spinach РMeat cooked with fresh, pur̩ed spinach
Handi Meat – Muglai dum cooking is used where goat is sealed with spices and left for very gentle cooking
Goat Meat Curry – A Homestyle Cooking Of Goat
Goat Tossed With Capsicum and Cooked In Semi Dry Gravy
Fish/Prawn Curry – Fish or prawns tossed with dry-roasted masala and coconut milk
Goan Curry – A tomato and coconut curry flavoured with whole dried chilli and special ground spices
Meen Molie – Fish Curry Cooked In Coconut Curry
Vindaloo Fish – Fish simmered in a coriander flavoured sauce
Fish madras – Fish cooked in a roasted peanut and sesame seed sauce covered with coconut and tamarind juice
ish/Prawn Masala – Fish or prawns tossed in a semi-dried sauce


Basmati Rice
Saffron Rice – Saffron flavoured rice
Aangan House Specials’ (Chicken Dum Biryani) – Succulent chicken cooked with special herbs, cooked using the age-old method of ‘dum cooking’
Lamb/Goat Biryani – Succulent lamb/goat cooked with special herbs, and served with rice
Peas Pulao – Peas tossed in Pulao rice
Lemon Rice –  Rice,flavoured with mustard and curry leaves, then garnished with fresh lemon juice
Jeera Rice – Rice tossed with cumin seeds


Plain Naan – A leavened plain flour bread of North India
Roti – Wholemeal flour bread
Garlic Naan – Naan lavishly flavoured with garlic butter
Butter NaanLacche Wala – Flaky version of naan
Olive and Cheese Naan
Cheese Naan
Kashmiri Naan – Naan stuffed with a mixture of dry fruits and nuts, and cooked in tandoor
Keema Naan – Naan stuffed with mince meat
Onion Kulcha – Naan stuffed with onion and mildly spiced
Paneer Kulcha – Naan stuffed with cottage cheese and mildly spiced
Masala Kulcha – Luxurious mix of mashed potatoes, cheese, green chilli and a secret blend of masala spices
Missi Roti – Roti made with gram and wheat flour, mixed with spices. This bread goes well with any dahl or spinach dish

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee any of our dishes as “nuts free”. Please let us know in advance, if you have any type of allergies or follow any strong religious beliefs. We try our best to respect all of our customers, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet all the requirements.